Will you date someone who is like an ex?

2 part question here, I'm not high enough level to add a poll.

1) No matter who broke up with who, will you date someone who is like an ex? Please explain why.

2) Why do you believe people go for someone who is just like an ex? Do you think that it's because they are not over that person, or because they just like those traits and qualities in a mate?

this isn't about me, or a current situation, just something that I have noticed, and I am curious for opinions


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  • Probably your ex just fall into the type of guy that you'd like. has nothing to do with the ex himself


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  • Having some experience in this, I wouldn't recommend it. Although you may never really stop caring for then person (with good reason- they were a part of your life!), but you're exes for a reason and that reason is exactly why it didn't work the first time. I'm not sure what the break up terms were, though.

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