Do you know girl like that?

Do you know a girl who:
- is intrested in streetwear (her style and knows a lot about it)
- intersted in comic books/games
- interested in wrestling
- and is also quite pretty?

It's all I need for my ideal girlfriend!


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  • But you do realise that people don't come in lists?

    • Yes, but it's good to know what you want.

      You as girl probably has a long checklist in terms of potential boyfriend.

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    • What superficial shit you are way over now?

    • Making lists. 😂 Duh

  • lmao

  • I'm all those things but the streetwear thing... i have no idea what that is. So your list is possible. I'm sure there's a lady somewhere into all of those things.

    • What do you wear (what is your style) and i'll tell you are streetwear.

      What comic books do you like? What about wrestling?

      PS. OK, be my girlfriend ;)

    • Okay I'll try to describe my style but its really all over the place lol most of the time I'm wearing a tank top or tshirt with jeans with a zip up hoodie (as you can see in my avatar photo :b) for shoes I like converse the most, my nikes for when I'm gettin my fitness on and my long leather boots for fall 😏 and I also wear a healthy amount of sandals and flip flops in the summer. But here's the twist I lovvvvvve dresses. I own a lot of "skater" style dresses because I'm short and that's what looks best. Jackets are my favorite piece of clothing to buy. I like jean jackets and leather the most. That's all I got on fashion haha. Comic books in into all the original super hero's but for graphic novels I'm really into the sixth gun and theif of theives at the moment. Now wrestling.. I am on sure we agree on because what kind do you mean? Are we talking wwe or the sport?

    • You are dream girl! It's style I am looking for in potential girlfriend. You love comics. And wrestling I meant WWE.

      So these girls really exist!

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