Was it okay for me to flirt with other girls while I was dating this one girl?

So dated this and wanted out months ago but I just couldn't tell her so I started flirting with other and lying to her saying that we were just friends when she asked "who's that girl?"

We aren't dating anymore this happened last year just to clarify
Also in the last months of our relationship I stopped liking her and I was just waiting for her to break up with me


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  • Just tell her. It's easier for not just you, but also her. To help both of you, be honest. Flirting while in a relationship is being a jerk. She might hate you when you tell her now, but she'll hate you more if you tell her any later. I also have a feeling she already knows based on what you said, so yeah. Just break it to her. Be careful with your wording. Don't beat around the bush. Don't stab her with your words, either.

  • No. Good for you for ending it eventually. it's a crap feeling when you watch the guy you're dating flirt with another person. so long as you recognize that what you did was not cool, that's that. kudos for recognizing that it wasn't cool.

    • Yeah and besides I just wasn't feeling it anymore I didn't like her anymore so I just waited until she broke up with me to

    • next time :( please don't wait until she does it. It drags things out a lot longer for her and that's painful. Just waiting for her to call it when you are the one whose heart isn't into it... that's not responsible. It's a dick move, but many guys do it all the time. You're still young: please learn from this :( And again, thanks for caring enough about it to ask on here.

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  • No, what you did was a asshole move... If you wanted out then say it. Use your words. All you did was treat someone terrible, and make them feel unwanted... Not cool man.

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