Girls, Is it selfish of me to not pursue a relationship with my female friend that has a crush on me? Will she wait until I'm ready to date again?

Im scared that I might lose another good friend. I recently lost my best friend to a drunk driver. While I like the idea of dating her. I just can't go through the lose of a friend again. It is just to painful. When we talked she told me how long she has had a crush on me and asked if I wanted to go on a date sometime. I told her that I would like to but now I'm just not ready to date and I explained about losing my best friend 2 months ago. She understood and looked a bit hurt. When I'm ready to date again should I pursue her, or did I miss my chance?

  • Yeah that is being selfish
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  • No your not ready to and if you pushed yourself it most likely would not have worked out
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  • I think that... Comment bellow
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  • No she won't wait. You missed your chance
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  • If she really wants to pursue a relationship with you she will wait a bit just don't take to long.
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  • Rusults
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  • Tell her what you've said here, that you're not ready

    • I did but still she seemed hurt that I did not want to date her as much as she wanted to date me. The last thing I wanted to do was to cause her pain. Is there anything I can do for her till I'm ready to date again? I just can't stand to lose another freind now.

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