Why would males disrespect and be so rude towards a really nice female?

i dont get this anymore- im super nice to men- i treat every person with respect. I've been called a 'saint and angel' not saying I am but im a nice person and never mean or rude. But the men i meet, even if they're subs towards others, try hard to be abusive mean disrespect or dominate me. It's sickening. Almost every guy ends up treating me like a doormat or as if im worthless. Im also really hot sexy and beautiful--the way these guys treat me is shocking. eg, I've been 'fooling around' with an old man for 8 months now. I mean we've fooled around sometimes, but he's 60!! most women won't go near him and he even admits it. I guess we established something but i dont feel attracted to him much anymore. he's been trying to have sex with me for months but im a virgin plus, i feel like he's using me- he just wants sex and is disrespectful. he feels he can text me these vulgar things.. and I've asked him to stop.

he's doing it to dominate me and be controlling. He would NEVER do this to anyone else. He also has no interest in spending a dime on me for food though he has money. But he'll spend money on women who won't go near him sexually. He's tryign to use me badly and disrespect me- worse im incredibly beautiful and hot--him being old and unable to get sex shud be kissing my a** but he's treating me like im not worth anything. recently he text me saying "so are u going to spread your legs so i can stick it in there this time." i told him he better stop texting that--we got into a big fight- he wanted to yell at me abuse me and call me names. why would these crazies do this to not only a hot beautiful girl, but one who is DOING sexual things with them? another guy i was talking to--treated me like dirt--doormat.. crap.. he wouldn't even touch my breast, and kept asking me to touch his d*ck... finally i dumped him. I also would pick him up 30 mins, get him food- he never offered to pay n kept saying he's brok


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  • sounds like he's just leeching of you girl cause he can and your letting him.

    • how is he leeching off me... wouldn't an old man who a young pretty and sexy woman lets him get with her, want to spend money on her or do things--what is he trying to do--just abuse me b/c he felt he could?

    • why is he trying to make me feel worthless.. and disrespect me to such extremes.. when im the one woman willing ot get with him sexually and im also smoking beautiful... like super model gorgeous.. it's crazy

    • Cause you are like a princess and its pretty obvious your not respecting yourself if your letting someone take advantage of u like this.

  • Some men don't understand how to treat women


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  • Well... why were you fooling around with him then? Of course he's going to treat you like shit.

    Simple fact is, the second someone starts being vulgar towards you you warn them its not acceptable. If they continue then you leave and never see them again - because A. They clearly don't respect you and B. They think you don't respect yourself. So of course they are going to continue to disrespect you.

    • well there's no reason someone would 'disrespect me'... i dont disrespcet myself, and i dont hink that that's why these sickos do this... they can do it to anyone even the most successful people out there. I have a good job and make a six figure income. im beautiful and educated. And why would a man treat a woman like shit who's fooling around with him.. this makes no sense... this guy's just a scumbag

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    • Yeah unfortunately fooling about with a guy can often cause them to disrespect you :(

    • Plus, usually if u give a man an inch he wants to take a mile. Or if you tell him he can't do something he automatically starts to see it as a challenge instead of just a 'no'.

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