What is up with this girl?

I cannot figure out this girl at work. She is usually pretty quiet and doesn't talk much. What I can't figure out is if she dislikes me, is interested, or something else.

Here is what I've noticed:
-We started the same day. While we all had to wait for HR to get things organized she basically sat and stared at me until HR took us. Then that was about it for two weeks, I noticed nothing else and kind of just forgot about her even though she was around.
-Then we started some two week training, which was very similar to a school/college classroom. This is where everything started.
-She will stare at me at times but not as much as just quick glances. She tries to avoid me catching her.
-She is usually around when I'm talking to co-workers, like almost to the point of eaves-dropping for a few seconds.
-When I cross paths with her going opposite directions she gives me this look, it's not like mean or happy. It's just this awkward look.
-During training she would just randomly blurt out something directed toward me. Like one time she just randomly volunteered me for something in front of our training group. Yea that wasn't annoying/embarrassing at all! *rollseyes*
-After I talked to her first time she started getting really obnoxious and sarcastic in our training group as opposed to her being quiet.
-She came around a corner in the hall one day and almost bumped into me reading something posted on the wall. She completely froze and even though she could of walked around front of me she just stood there and waited so she could go through behind me. I just ignored her because I didn't want it to be even more awkward. Another time she bumped into me and brushed her shoulder against me when she had plenty of space, almost like when someone is mad at you.
-When I talk to her she is nice but kind of quiet and either doesn't face me or averts her eyes mid-conversation. One time she looked me in the eyes but then turned her back to me after responding to me.

Any insight anyone?


Most Helpful Girl

  • It sort of sounds like she likes you. She's quiet so maybe she stares at you and pretends like she doesn't want you to catch her staring at you so then maybe you'd take the first move and talk to her.

    I'm a fairly quiet person and when I meet someone I like after the first convo I then become very sarcastic it's like my way of flirting. It's not a good flirting technique but it's all I got haha. But maybe she's the same and doesn't mean to come off rude and obnoxious she just doesn't know how to deal with it another way. maybe try seeing if she acts that way with other guys if she does then maybe that just her personality.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Hmmm. She is probably wondering why you haven't talked to her more and she is getting pissy because you aren't talking to her enough. If she is someone you are interested in, be nice to her, start talking to her, say hi, small talk, and see how she responds.


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  • be nice to her. i bet she's hurt that you ignored her or something... women are emotional sometimes, even the little things means something. smile and try to act nice. DONT SHOW HER THAT U THINK she's INTERESTED! that is not okay. she's mean to you because you think she's interested she is NOT! Okay? this makes me so mad

    • I'm not showing her I think she is interested, because I don't know that. I'm not a mean person either. If your saying I'm one of those guys pushing something on an uninterested girl, you are in the wrong place. I haven't even interacted with her enough for that to be the case. :P

What Guys Said 1

  • It sounds like she is trying to get your attention and does not know how to react when she gets it. Think hey Arnold with the mean girl. Not all women learn how to be around guys.