I feel like I compare everyone to the first person I fell in love with?

I honestly feel like i can't love again. I've dated so many people and i just can't seem to find anyone as good as my first love. Its been a year since i broke up with her, and i've dated many girls. I'm currently dating this girl now who is extremely beautiful, has a good life ahead of her, and loves me to death. Its been 2 weeks into our relationship. But i just dont feel the way i did with my first love. I feel so different with my current partner to a point where im not as interested as she is. But she's so beautiful, and i do want her. Its just not the same though, i wish i could explain it better... Does this make sense?

Any help?


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  • Your first love is your first love for a reason. It's why it's called a first love. No one will ever be able to measure up to your first love, but that doesn't mean you should compare everyone you date or be with, with her. You need to be realistic about it. Not every girl will be exactly like your first love, no one would be able to provide you those feelings when you had when you had your first love.

    You need to be open about it. I'm not sure that you've allowed yourself to fall in love again whole heartedly, because you feel like it needs to feel like the way it felt when you had your first love. I hope that makes sense. You just need to not compare it to yor first love. That's all.

    • I dont think the right expression should be measure up

      Because someone better eventually will come along, and someone that he will love more, in spite of what he felt for his 1st love.

      If not, people would never be able to be happy after they lost their 1st love...

      It will just be different. But I believe it can be even better. Because you will be allowing yourself to fall in love again, after having once lost love. It is harder to fall for real in the 2nd and 3rd times... Means that the love will be even more special, because it will surpass the 1st one.

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    • yes XD

      me too

      ah it's just when I get reminded that I am not his 1st love lol

      Anyways peace and love

      and sorry if i rambled a bit much! :D

    • @HookingSwan just be happy that you're able to be in his life now. That's all you should care about :) and no problem lol

  • Yea it makes perfect sense. Since you too aren't together anymore she's probably not the right girl for you, however the girl you're with rn is also not right. If she's the right girl you'll be head over heels and doing everything to keep her. Beauty isn't everything for someone to be right. My advice would be not wasting your time too much and hers, remember you could hurt her feelings and if you do care at all you wouldn't want that.


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