Is this an extreme introvert or just not interested?

Someone who...:

The bad:
1. Doesn't ever text (except on Valentines day when a bouquet of roses were delivered)
2. Slow to respond to text (although she will eventually respond)
3. Doesn't talk much
4. Likes to ask extremely detailed questions (if she asks... normally she must be guided to ask)
5. Needs a lot of time to recover from an outing
6. Comes out only once... maybe (seldom) twice a week
7. Can't take jokes
8. Do things by the rules
9. Likes staying at home
10. Gets irritated when I forget some small details she told me about
11. Remembers every piece of detail I said in the past
12. Doesn't know how I feel... even when I'm down

The good:
i. Will come out at least once a week when I asked
ii. Insists on asking why my friends told me to move on and forget her
iii. Told me she's not seeing anyone else (although I got rejected before when asked about going exclusive)
iv. Told me she's never seen my friends before...(is that hinting she wants to see them?)
v. Can somewhat talk when stimulated by the environment... something like an NBA game
vi. Accepts some small gifts and let's me pay for dates (she tried paying a few times and I said no)
vii. Open to going to art classes with me

And I dated this person for 4 months already.


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  • It sounds like social anxiety to me. I have looked into it a little bit, I am shy and have tried working on that and most things connect the two. But social anxiety is the extreme. You said she likes staying home and takes a long time to recover from outings, and she might know you feel down but its difficult to show you that. That is something really shy people do, I lost a friendship because I got too shy and awkward to ask how he was doing after his dad passed, I thought about him A LOT but could not express that. Otherwise those other things don't have to do with introversion, but yes interest. The fact she gets annoyed when you forget things is definitely because she wonders if YOU are interested if you don't. And not taking jokes is just part of her personality. She is interested, but extremely shy (maybe has social anxiety)


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  • To me,
    This person sounds like an introvert , not extreme though.
    Look , not everyone is open. Some people take time.
    I used to be that kind of person.

    I don't think she is not interested.
    because if she was , the relationship would have ended.

    That's just my opinion.
    Hope it helps.

  • Who to say?

  • I don't think that person is that interested in you to be honest.


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