Good enough for people's daughters/sisters?

So I had something that has happen to me a few times in the last 2-3 months after interacting with a lot of people. I guess my birthday came up awhile back and with my age (29) people have sort of been bugging me about still being single.

I always get told by older ladies that I'd be the type they wish their daughter would marry.

Or I get told by friends that if their sisters weren't taken that that would wish I'd be with them.

And that got me thinking... is this a bad thing?

If I'm so great then why am I still single?


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  • It might be you're a little too safe. All American boy. Or just a really nice guy thats handsome in the mother's opinion.

    If it's a problem. aybe play up the bad boy card a bit (not be a bad boy mind you like treating women like garbage).

    • I will say I do play it safe. I'm not as aggressive...

      How do I play up the bad boy bit?

    • Well I mean maybe just something different? A different style might help. Acting a little more teasing. It's hard for me to put into words what a bad boy is but they're someone who doesn't always go with the flow.

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