Does Speed Dating Really Work?


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  • I have speed dated twice and it was a lot of fun on both occasions. The first time, there were numbered tables with each 2 chairs. The event had about 5 rounds with 10-15 minutes in each round. You got a paper with the table number for each round and you simply went and sat there to wait for your round-partner. Then, you simply start getting to know each other. You will end up telling a lot of the same information (name, information, current job/study, etc), but after the first 2 minutes of standard questions, it can get really interesting. Some girl come prepared with the weirdest questions while others leave it to you to lead most of the conversation.
    At the end of each round, you can indicate your level of interest towards the other person. The options were "Yes!" "Perhaps" and "No!". When both people filled in a Yes! or one Yes! and one Perhaps, you will receive their contact details a few days after the event. If either or both of them answered No!, no information will be shared.

    I think speed dating can be a lot of fun, as long as you can put yourself in the mindset of it. You will have to keep the conversation going and endure some semi-awkward silences every now and then, but you will also encounter people who are a lot of fun and have a great chat with.
    Some rounds last for ages while others are over within seconds; or that is what it feels like.

    • The event I found says its only 5min.
      I'm shy so this sort of thing may be hard for me but if it works it will be worth it
      Also I'm now unemployed I drive have my physics degree and I'm by no means broke but unemployed and living with parents doesn't sound good. I'm trying to get a job as a data analyst and perhaps pick up tutoring maths again in the mean time. My best response to the what I do question Is probably I'm self studying computer science and talk a bit about my projects. Maybe working as a handy man as well If I count DIY and other things I do at home.
      I have a lot I can talk about I could keep going for hours if there in to some of the same things. I just have to some how get that down to 5 min though and hope my positive attributes out shine my flaws.

    • 5 minutes is rather short, but perhaps that is the round length I was talking about earlier.

      In any case, it can really be a lot of fun, but you should not go there with the expectation of finding your future girlfriend. It is of course possible, but the goal is to just have a good time!
      If nothing comes from it, you can at least look back and feel good about the fact that you went there in the first place.

      As for how to act while you are at such an event, the following cliche is a cliche for a reason: "be yourself". I know it sounds cheesy, but in the end, you want a girl who falls in love with YOU, not a version of you you think women will like. This doesn't mean you have to tell them everything; just answer their questions in a way you are comfortable with. It can be fun to ask her whether she does this kind of thing often. They probably don't get that questions too much and can make for some fun chatting. When they ask you the same, you can be frank and say... (1/2)

    • (2/2)... and tell them that you normally never do something like this, but that you thought it would be fun to try it. Most will respect the fact that you went to the event even though it is usually not your thing.

      As a final note, awkward situations will happen. There will be some rounds in which you are waiting for the bell to ring, which starts the next round. That is okay. Remember that there are 2 people in a conversation; you are not the sole person who is responsible for keeping the conversation alive. If a girl only responds with single words ("okay", "cool", "maybe", etc), then it is on them that the conversation isn't going anywhere.

      In any case, have fun!
      If you have any questions, shoot!

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  • yes its a good way to meet people!

  • I don't think it does.


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  • As long as u tie her to the bed or she is likely to start hoovering at 3 am... funny thing that speed.

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