He likes me, so why does he ask me to hang out instead of on a date?

I've only seen him twice mind you, but I've known him for years through family friends. But he messages me first every day. Last time I saw him we had an impromptu dinner and I paid my half (something I'm not used to)
He says nice things to me and seems to really like me, but he hasn't asked me on an actual date yet.
I did tell him once I don't like the whole dating thing because it's generally too serious and has too many expectations, but I guess he took it on board more than I expected and meant.
Before I bluntly ask him myself lol I thought some opinions would be best.
I don't want to be just 'hanging out' with a guy and have anything physical happen, I'd perfer to be seeing each other or just friends, not in between (but it's way too early to say anything like that)
what should I do?


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  • I wouldn't approach it like why haven't you asked me out yet. He could be still trying to figure out if he wants to date you. You've only seen each other twice so I don't think that's unrealistic. I think you should be honest about how you feel about him & what you want. Then see how he reacts to that.

  • Next time he ask you to hang out ask if it's a date.