Please help, should I ask her out again?

I asked out a girl a few months ago and she said she had a boyfriend, and she's not sure if she lkes me more than a friend. She has been single for the last 2 months and started flirting with me, touching me, saying she misses me, laughing at everything i say, smiling at me. My dad became ill in hospital and she messaged me asking me if i wanted her to come with me to see my dad, and i was saying how im easy to please and she said you would be a cheap date haha, is the defo a hint? i hear its a saying people use for easy to please people. She also called me baby twice in text. Im asking could theese just be friendly signs or is it defo a she likes me situation and wants me to ask her again? I as cos we work together and I dont wana make things awkward between us if she rejected me a second time.


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  • yes do it!

  • No, you should not ask her again. She is obviously leading you on in order to get a confidence boost from you. You should leave it alone.


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  • I'd say give it a try hey. Girls are complex. I knew one girl who did everything you just said to me, and then when I asked her out, she looked at me like i murdered penguins for a living... Turns out she just liked the attention she was getting from me.

    But, based on your scenario, it seems that she is warming up to you now (given the fact that she is now single). The "baby" texts and you being a cheap date are definitely hints thats she is interested in you. A wise man once told me (aka my dad lol) that women never do anything without a reason behind it. So with her touching you, smiling at you, even asking to come to the hospital with you, shows that she cares about you and most probably wants to get to know you more.

    I'd say go for it dude! I think she wants you to ask her out. AND she knows that you are interested in her, so those actions she was doing to you was not just friendly conversation (in my opinion)

    Hope it all works out! :)