Need help with tinder match regarding first date?

Long story short, met this girl at a party she ended up sitting next to me, chatted and found out we had similar interests. About a week or two later i matched with her on tinder.

Started chatting pretty much continuing from where we left off and got her number. Asked her out for drinks , her response was, yes and it sounded good but could it wait till after she had finished her final exams, because she was really busy studying.

I've thought of two possible options.

option A - don't reply/contact her again and see if she contacts me in the future.


Option B - reply something on the lines of no worries and good luck with her exams, then go off the grid and see if she will contact me again.

What should i do either option a or b?

Any ideas?


P. S is she flaking?


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  • Or option C, do what she asked, go out with her after her finals.


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  • never been on tinder but this seems basic to me.
    Option B sounds not needy (that is good), respectful of what she just requested. I'd add to it, I'll followup with you on XYZ date (after her exams).

    That way, she knows you are interested, you are showing how great of a communicator you are, and a leader by being the man and giving guidance with followup... that requires discipline. Now she has an expectation.
    To be honest, I'd say, I'll call you around XYZ date. texting sucks as a communication mechanism... it is so easy to mess up a text. It is much better to talk. She will very much admire you.

    Option A sucks, is rude, a game, and childish.

    do you see the difference? I hope so...


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  • Definitely B. she likely is truly busy with finals, so I'd reach out once or twice before you decide to move on

  • Option B

  • I'm really not sure how tinder works or what % of young people are actually dating people they meet on tinder. but with any site like that the guys tend to be more interested in actually dating than the girls , on most dating sites single women get endless emails from desperate single guys who they don't even bother to reply to or even consider going on a date with. so just saying just cause she is on tinder doesn't necessary mean she's looking to date every guy she matches with