Should people give you a reason as to why they won't date you?

Sure, you don't "have" to give a reason, but let's say it was a friend and they asked you politely. Everybody has a reason as to "why" they would or wouldn't date someone, could you give them your reason?

Personally, my friend has said on multiple occasions to others that she has thought about me and her as a couple but is affraid to lose me if anything goes wrong... she doesn't know that i know she said that, but when i ask her why she won't date me, she refuses to admit it to me and opts to make up excuses:

"I see you as a brother"

"I promised my mom i wouldn't date until i'm 27"

"I'm Bisexual"

Like omg... the list goes on and on, but till this day she tries to act like she's my girlfriend. Why is it that she just can't tell me the truth?

For you guys/gals, would you tell the truth (In detail) if someone asked you? Feelings be damned.


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  • My guess is that either...

    A.) if she told you the truth then she couldn't continue to play her games because you would no longer participate.
    - This is a weird situation where she's told you that she will not date you yet wants to linger around and act like your girlfriend. It's almost like she doesn't want to burn a bridge or really sever the connection because maybe later on she'll want to try it out but that's really selfish and unfair.

    B.) Some people struggle to be candid because they feel a sense of pressure that makes them uncomfortable or they just don't want to be mean and hurt someone's feelings. So they will find every which way they can to tip-toe around the truth for as long as possible.


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  • I've though about this in the past after bad rejections , it might of helped me in the long run to know why some of these girls didn't want to date me , so I could of tried to improve things or fix errors that lead to them leaving or losing interest , so it could help to know why but it might also hurt to know the truth depending on what it was


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  • Yeah, it could make a process of "getting over" easier. But honestly, it doesn't matter why someone rejected you, what matters is they did. Even if you knew the reasons, there's still nothing you can do about it, it's not gonna happen.

    For the record, "I see you as a brother" IS a reason, and a very clear, honest reason. It means she's not attracted to you, and attraction doesn't need a reason.


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  • I'd feel better then