Can guys act like a boyfriend but not really care about a woman?

Can guys act like a boyfriend (see a girl several times weekly, call them "sweetie", show their appreciation for that woman) but really not be serious?

Or are guys actions a pretty good indicator of how they feel no matter what?


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  • yes, it could be playful. more thank likely there is interest but he isn't confident in himself or he is trying to gauge your interest level and being passive about it to avoid rejection.

    When we put ourselves out there with "I'm really into you and want to date you... blah blah..." we ould get a "no". And that hurts, its easier to just flirt and gauge the response.
    He could just be being playful because he likes you but isn't romantically interested. I'd say he is testing the waters...

    • Thanks!!

      One more question. How the hell do I tell him how I feel about him without scaring him away? I am afraid of the same thing...

    • Well, pray first and get your confidence up:)
      If you can get an intimate moment, where you and him have slowed things down a bit from the funny stuff, just say something like "I really like you, do you like me"? If he says yes, don't be needy... this is where your self confidence comes in... "If you asked me for a date, I'd probably go if I wasn' busy" ... I'm trying to phase that so it is fun, and avoidant, but he gets the message.. so make it "cheeky" with a slow wink or something. Some guys are clueless, so big dramatic hints that are fun, work well. Cheeky helps avoid the scarring him off and "not needy" is essential.

      See if he bites. That is pretty direct and yes, he could be passive and say yes and reject you later, or reject you on the spot as... I think of you as a sister.. or whatever. but then you know!

      Just don't go all in with your feelings... he may run. Ex. I'm so into you, I love you, I've never felt like this, blah blah...

    • brilliant! thank you!

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