Is my boyfriend confused about the relationship and what spun him around so quickly to leave?

I have been dating my boyfriend for over a year. Yesterday on Mother's Day he got me a card and flowers. Treated me so good for a couple days to celebrate. Said many I love you's, complimented me and told me like he has many times he could never let me go. Well yesterday he had to return his kids to the I moms house (his ex, they split 3 years ago). He has not been back since and has my car. I messaged him asking when he was coming home and or when he was bringing my car home. He said he would bring car home. However he mentioned he felt alone and u appreciated for the things he's does for me. That surprised me as I was more than happy for what he did and I thought I had expressed and showed him. There was some dialogue back and forth, and then a few hours later he still did not return and I noticed the iPad on our bed had a message from his ex saying "I love you too, thanks for making breakfast for me".
It is not the day after Mother's Day and he has my car and has still not returned. Keep in mind when he left to take his kids he stated he loved me and would be back. Now today, I notice multiple messages from other woman, him saving good morning beautiful to them and then reply just a simple good morning.
He also messaged me good morning beautiful, I replied good morning as well. I'm heated inside and trying to stay calm as I don't know what is going on. He has my car and I asked him to please be a man and let me know what's going on. He still has not returned-this is not entirely like him. It's the last thing I think he would do. I am just heartbroken and we haven't even talked about what's going on. Insight?


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  • He sounds confused with who he wants to be with and I would be pissed too on why he hasn't brought the car back , if he still has it one more day I would tell him your reporting stolen and know about the other messages on the iPad he left

    • It shows lack of maturity on his end. The longer he prolongs or avoids this the more he is hurting me. I never had a feeling he wanted to leave me, at all. However, I'd rather him be honest and come forward the sooner the better. I even called in sick to work today because I want my car! Thanks for the insight.

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    • Just completely not fair. Not fair that he's out running around doing what "he wants" with no concern for me. If that's what he's doing, then ok. Just wish he'd let me know. We are middle aged 30's. Too old for this.

    • Yeah that's not right, very surprising since you've been together for over a year and your age group , I could never do that to someone

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  • I'd be paranoid over it to be honest. Anyway, try to be calm and ask tomorrow if he has talked to his ex recently. If he lies to you, then obviously something is wrong and you should be alarmed.
    I am sorry about what you're going through by the way. It must suck a lot.

    • Thank you. I know he's at her house because it's the only place he'd be. I've messaged him several times very nicely asking for some honesty and my car to be returned. He has not replied. Yet his ex wife is still sending photos to my iPad (she prob doesn't realize he was borrowing mine) of their son. Looks like she took the pic from the passenger side and he was driving her car. That's all fine I can accept that. But be a man and be honest and return MY CAR.

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