Takes hours to text back but I can see him online on Facebook?

Seeing this guy for the last two months, the last two weeks he's taking forever to text back. He goes up to 3 hours even tho I can see him online and I'm finding it downright rude. Usually if he does go over the 3 hours he does always say sorry.

I don't know if I'm being insecure or overreacting but it makes me feel I done something on him or has he lost interest. He does work long weird hours so I'm trying not to say anything. And plus I don't want to come across as a bunny boiler because it is a bit of a childish thing to moan about. But secretly its bothering me.

But would you think it's a bad sign? Would you do this to your gf/bf?

  • Yes, it's a bit strange and seems shady
  • No, you're overreacting
  • Other
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  • Sometimes I accidentally leave the browser open on FB on my laptop which shows that I'm online.. but I'll actually be afk. It happens. If he does work weird hours that's probably it, or you can try and just ask more about how his day looks so you'll know if he's working during the times you're trying to text him