Relationship? Does she still like me?

I started tlking to this girl i met on a social. media for now 2 months. A few weeks into knowing each other I told her i like her and she told me she likes me. A few days ago we kind of starting dating but out now where I said somthing really dumb because i was stressed about somthing she got mad. I did apologize and told her i didn't mean too say it and she did except it. But I asked her if she still lies me and she said i do. I dont know why i asked her a 2nd time but when i did she said i dont know. Today she told me that the whole date thing went to fast. I asked her if this time she wanted to go slow. she did agree but i feel like she dosent like me anymor. She also replies to my text late. When we started talking she would reply like really fast. But when her parents took her phone and she got it back she started not to reply as quick has she used too. They didn't want her to talk to me because she's 15 and im 18. I can't do any physical harm to her because she lives in a diffrent city. So my question is does she still like me and why is she texting back slower than she used?

So today she told me that her parents found out and that is the reason why she wasn't texting me back as quick as she used too. She also said that she really wants to talk to me but they won't let her. I'm still confused about if she likes me or not?


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  • Young girls change their minds really fast. She's probably confused. Go three days without texting her and if she texta you in these days, it probably means she likes you. If not, it would be ideal to not waste your time.

    • Well I asked her wht was wrong and she was like it went too fast and she wants to go slow. I dont know what she means by that. She was also stressed because i told her i cried (idk y) she felt bad for me. I told her i felt like she was losing intrest in me and she was like im not. I told her i felt that way cause she used to text back like asap and now she takes forever. She was like, " Sorry I've been busy and not feeling so well. im sorry" She wasn't feeling weel because she was stressing over me but i asked her if she's fine now she said yea. After she said yeah I told her i was sorry for stressing her out. Its been a hour and she hasn't replied.

    • And when she told me she was stressed i asked her if i should leave her alone for a while she was like," no dont" I m really confused

  • No, I don't think she likes you anymore. She made that clear to you. I think you should move on from her.


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  • because others around her are probably saying your to old and should be talking to someone more your age. but thats just a guess from what you have just said. but family can be a persistent pain so its not all her fault
    you need to keep that in mind.

    • She told me today she was stressed. I did ask her whats wrong she didn't tell me. So i asked if i should leave her alone for a while since she's stressed. She was like,"nono dont" I told her i felt like she was losing intrest in me she was like,"no im not". I told her i thought of that because she used to reply back asap and now she dosent. She told me she's been busy and not feeling well because she was stressed about me. I told her i was sorry she was stressed about me
      She ended up telling me she was stressed about me. I told i was cying (idk y). She hasn't replied since like an hour.

    • she is probably more stressed now from knowing she might have made you cry, you never tell a girl that who is already stressed about not making you happy. you need to choose your words more carefully.

    • I told her that before she told me she was stressed.