He's playing cat and mouse what should I do?

This guy I like he's been a family friend for 20 years, he's friends with my dad. He's older than me by 10 years. He wrote to me first he hit on me first he gave me his number I flirted back I asked him to come over after a week of flirting he started rubbing my feet then kissed me. It was great until my dad showed up and it was like someone electrocuted him he jumped 10 feet back talked to my dad then left. 10 minutes later he sends me a text saying we really shouldn't do this and how my dad will kill him. I assure him it's ok I'm an adult and I'm a parent why would my dad be mad (I asked my dad and he's fine with it) but no matter what I said he still said he's old, how he loves my dad, and how he can't do this. Well since then he told me he still likes me, he thinks I'm beautiful, smart and funny. But he's blowing me off. I respond with a flirty text he shuts up! He called my phone rather than my parents phone to say he was stopping over yesterday then he text me tells me I look good and said he would ask to hangout but he's got to work. I tell him to call me later he doesn't call and instead spends hours on Facebook! He hits on me almost everyday but he won't budge. He does nice things for me but tries to get nude pics off me. I don't know whether to keep trying play hard to get confront him or what to do!!! I told him I didn't want things awkward between us and he's making it super awkward... Help!!!


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  • Confront is the only option.
    It's my gut feeling he's super shy and has massive respect for your dad.
    It's like the month to a flame. You are the flame he wants you but he's to afraid of getting burnt.
    The age gap will be holding him back too. He can't believe that your even interested in him.
    So iam afraid in this modern era of sexual equality you going to have to go get your man
    Good luck 😃


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  • your still young , if your not into games i would ask him what is more important what others think of him dating you or what you think of you2 dating or seeing other. because there is no reason for you to do much when he seems to be flighty.

    or i would look for someone who is interested in you and embarrassed to be w8th you around your dad or mom

  • Be the cat then...


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