Girl trying to figure out boy?

Please help me figure out these 4 different things. :(

1. The first time he called me bro but when he did he said it slow and very unsure about it.

2. I tell him I don't like messaging first bc I don't want to seem annoying and he makes a stern face and I say I feel I have to defend myself against guys and gives me an irritated look. Then says I'm just about the only girl he talks to (daily I assume)

3. When we hug and leave each other he always says Dont be a stranger in a friendly way. This time he said Dont be a complete stranger in serious tone.

4. I mention one last time I don't want to seem annoying and he says in an aggravated way, "don't go there" and hand signals me to stop.


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  • He just wants to know if he is wasting his time; he doesn't want to force you or appear as a jerk. He giving you signs to message and talk to him


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  • Seems as if he likes you


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  • It sounds like your both trying to figure each other out. If you like him flirt with him a bit. Or just continue being his freind and give him hope when you can.

  • 1 he was unsure if he likes you
    2 he was like wtf are you saying?
    3 he might want more than being friends
    4 he might likes you for being aggressive ;)


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