Will having a better body make it easier to date girls?

I'm a senior in high school right now and so far I've only had two girlfriends and I only got them because they made it super obvious that they wanted me to ask them out lol. I've always been pretty shy when it came to asking girls for their number or out... And I'm hoping a better body will help me out in that. I've had girls tell me I have a nice face so I'm working on my body now. I exercise daily with different workouts, I do cardio every other day, and I'm on a strict diet. But I'm just wondering if all this will help me with my girl situation once I get really fit.

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  • They will be attracted to you if you have a nice body, but that's not the only thing they care about :)

  • It'll probably help but it isn't everything. Your inner qualities are still more important.