Will I find someone better?

Hello, my ex broke up with me a week ago and I just wanted to put things into perspective, pls help to see if the relationship was worth it or not.

We met 2-3 times a week for sleepovers, always at his house or mine, I cooked all the time for him, we would play video games and watch YouTube videos all day. I've suggested dinner/movies/kayaking/other stuff and he wouldn't be interested. I don't mind staying at home but it feels like he kept me a secret from his friends. His family knew me though.
I play and compose music well and he's just starting a band, wouldn't let me join or help them even though they need a keyboardist. He is affectionate but doesn't kiss much and when we have sex he doesn't look at me. And he faces the other way when he's sleeping. He's made empty promises, like how we would go camping and hiking, never did. When I suggest activities he'd always reply 'not interested'

Are are all relationships like this? I mean apart from eating, movies etc there's nothing else to do? I don't know whether to be upset about the break up or know there's someone better. Pls help


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  • Sounds like he wasn't interested in learning your passions in life. You will find someone better who wants to try everything with you. They won't like it all, but they will at least be interested.

    No judgement on him of course. It's possible you were just not matched well. For example maybe he enjoyed playing those games much more then yourself, and that is he said no to other activities.

    You'll find someone. Everyone relationship is unique.

    • Thanks for your comment :) yeah I think the main reason was that he wasn't interested in me, he did apologise before breaking things off and said how he's sorry he's a bad guy blah he told me not to confuse affection with love earlier on. But I just ignored that so it was partially my fault
      Anyway thanks and God bless :)

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  • Yes life has more.


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  • There is something better out there for you. Not saying he is a bad guy just clearly not an ideal fit. I know lots of guys who are more affectionate and enjoy going out and trying something new because their girlfriend wanted to do something new.
    Relationships are give and take not take and take more.

  • No not all relationships are like that. The guy you were with just seems like the kind of guy who wants a lot of space. He also doesn't seem outgoing enough for you. You can find better though.

    • Actually I'm not outgoing myself and I only have like 20 close friends I get to know individually, not a whole bunch. But it just feels like he wasn't interested
      Anyway what do you and ur girlfriend do?

    • Wow 20 close friends? That's a lot since you said your not outgoing, but you seem like you want to do a bit more then sit in the house all day so I can understand that, and I don't have one.

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