Should I stay or should I go? or am I just do damn old?

i met this girl 4 years ago online , it started out normal enough some young girl in her 20's showed interest in me , it was fine till she started talking to about an abusive boyfriend/husband and things got a littler serious apparently which i never saw or heard but she said happened. and a guy died that attacked her several times. i got so stressed over this i had a stroke and lucky for me i made a full recovery.

a year later no word from while i was in rehab she messages me after im out of rehab and things start going smoothly but she has a kids which i find out is from another guy which she was seeing during the time she was seeing me. now me being a bull shitter which your a liar if you deny you dont do that i saw through this but i accepted she was single again. things were going smoothly again as far as i knew.

then come across a few face book accounts she had one which she said was a cousin who looked like her
till i found out enough for her to tell me the truth about it. it kind of gets complexed as it does with most
people who try and hide things lol. but to make it short she says she is interested in me and there are no other guys. but we talk every few days.

while i know im old enough to know better im still liking the whole young chick liking me thing lol what guy my age wouldn't lol.

but im at a point now where im tired of doing this back and forth stuff because i dont like these games younger girls play , why the hell do you girls do that anyway? after this im staying with my own age group or closer i can't afford anymore hospital trips or anything lol.


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  • Why the hell do older men go for young immature girls?

    • well im not going to disagree with you on this but its a lesson learned so yeah. its utter bull crap and im moving on. that stuff is over and this will just be a black mark in my time line.

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  • What's wrong with women your own age?

    • nothing really its just i was in one of those im to old for this shit moods when i met the girl, i regret t now though and im gonna move on. its not worth it. and guys my age who say young girls are good are just lying to themselves. i can't afford to do that anymore.

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    • Now you have the knowledge, and even a few lumps to help you remember! ; - )

    • yeah i do thanks.