Why Does it Still Hurt?

I know why it still hurts but when will it stop? I was just seeing this guy a few weeks and I did not even expect/want more from this situation but I hooked up with him and now it has been almost a month and it still bothers me and just noticed he still likes his ex's pics on fb which always bothered me, I am so upset. When will this stop? When will i not care?


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  • I was in your exact same situation! Ditto, even the liking the ex's pictures part. It bothers you because you feel like he should've given you more than he did. You feel used and you want to justify having sex with him. Let me give you some advice. SPEAK NO EVIL, HEAR NO EVIL, SEE NO EVIL. Don't talk to him, don't respond to any messages and do not under any circumstances see him again. Cut him out completely, even if he's not messaging you or ignoring you, please delete him from your facebook, unfollow him, delete his number, delete pictures you had together (or put them on a USB if you feel like you'll want to look back on the memories later when you're over him). This is the only way to forget him. Occupy yourself with other things and you'll slowly start to think less about him, or at least thinking about him won't hurt anymore.

    Mine is even worse, I lost my virginity to him and he turned out to be a complete asshole. I wrote poems about him, drew pictures of him. I swear to god I've never fallen so hard. It took me months and months of going back and forth with him before it finally started to hurt less. This is why I'm telling you not to see him again. I know it might be hard, but it's the only way. our brains are very clever, when they have no new information to feed off of, they forget about a subject. Even if it's someone we deeply care about, if the source of information is cut, your brain will eventually forget about them.

    • oh and you also have to figure out what it is exactly that's bothering you, think about it, get to the root of it. whatever it may be, feeling used or falling for him too fast, just admit it to yourself and face the emotions head on. Feel them to the core and then let them go.

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    • I was only saying this, because that's what happened to me. I couldn't see him coming back either, but I guess he was desperate. Just know, if he comes back, he must be desperate. But it's not a relationship he wants, it's just sex. Having said that, there's a huge possibility he won't contact you again. Or that he'll contact you in 5 months or even a year to hook up again. Guys have a very good memory when it comes to hook ups and he'll seek you out only when he needs you again. Trust me, it's not something to look forward to and it's not something you should think or fantasise about either. Wondering and waiting for him to reach out is an exhausting game to play. Most people aren't worth it. Remember, that in the future you must let people (and not just men) prove their worth to you before you give them any part of yourself or your trust. Good luck to you, keep your head up. You'll get over him very very soon, I promise.

    • No, I would not go back and don't care if he does or not. Besides, I REALLY don't see it happening so I am not waiting for it. I also believe by the time he does I will be beyond over him and/or dating someone else. So, I am not holding out for this at all. On risk of talking about a very controversial topic, a few psychics have told me that I will be meeting someone very soon that will be great. I am also not completely banking on this either, but I am hopeful that I will be meeting someone soon. I also know I am pretty much over him so it won't be long! Thank you for your input!! It has been great chatting!! Good luck to you too!

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  • usually the pain will stop when you stop having him on your mind, stop looking at his profile on FB and take some time off for yourself.


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