I kissed another guy in front of the man I'm seeing, what do I do?

I have been seeing one of my good friends for the past month and a half. We text/snapchat 24/7 and hang out everyday. This also happened right after his break up with his ex, he admitted to me that the first 2 weeks we were seeing each other he was still getting over her. During that time, the second week I had stopped hooking up with him because I didn't want to be a rebound.
Anyways this weekend we went away with a group of friends, one of our mutual friends used to have a crush on me and found out about us right before we all left. Because of this neither of them talked to me much during the trip. I also had two more of our mutual friends tell me that I was pretty much just his slam piece until he was ready to settle down again and find someone else. This caused me to get upset, get drunk, and proceed to get the hottest guy around us to follow me around with puppy eyes until he planted a kiss on me right in front of the guy that I was seeing. One of the girls on the trip told the guy I am seeing them to go make out with someone else then and then he left the group.
That night and then next day he hardly looked at me and honestly I felt he got a slightly mean at times. Then today we hardly spoke. I realized I was being immature and messed up but I want to know if you think he is upset about that or maybe he just doesn't care anymore? I set up a time to talk to him tomorrow night because I really want to apologize to him because really he is the only one I want, even if we end up just being friends I don't want to lose him.

Side note, our other mutual friends say he likes me, like a lot. I just have a lot of emotional issues with guys using me for sex that them saying that triggered me and caused me to act in a way I know was immature and reckless.
Also I have had those friends tell me he isn't over his ex yet and I think he is but they just keep telling me he isn't. Part of me doesn't want to get hurt and listen to them which is why I acted the way I did but another part of me doesn't believe them because I think I know him better.


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  • In all probability he's upset but that doesn't mean he doesn't care anymore.

    Emotions are not something you can simply turn on/off when you want.

    Although it is entirely possible for a stronger emotion to overpower the previous so you might want to be careful in the future. A kiss isn't the worst thing in the world but people have been driven to hatred for far less.


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  • If you're just his "slam piece" then he's not worth it.

    • That's how I felt when I made out with the guy and tomorrow when I talk to him I will tell him why I did it and that if I am just his slam piece then even though I feel bad about it, I no longer want anything to do with him like that at least.

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  • If your serious then you've got a lot of hard work to do. Be prepared to take yourself pretty low to almost begging.
    Your spot on and right with everything your thinking he cares definitely but you've hurt him and worse ridiculed him in front of your mutual friends.

    You bigger issue is the fact you've done this will be stuck with him and he will all ways think going forward the mounted you get pa
    Pissed with him your nest go get some random guy. Because you've proved you can and do.

    • Okay your wording got a little messed up but what I think you are saying is that he is always going to think if I get mad at him then I am going to get with another guy and he will always worry about that. I 100% agree I fucked up, and I am assuming he is pissed because also when we said goodbye after the trip he gave me a one armed hug... so that was cool. It just sucks because everything was good between us until other people got involved and then it messed me up because they are also friends with him and were telling me this. Still everyone else thinks I F'd up and I know I did. Like I said they hit an extremely sore spot and I acted like and idiot.

    • Yes sorry about the typos. But you've got it right.
      Balls in your court but your going to have to work damn hard and remember he's all ways going to remember this guy and you.

  • your friends give horrible advice

  • Goddammit woman ! WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU EXPECT? If he has any ass at all he'll leave you high and dry ! Are you really that stupid? It would seem so.


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