Should I be worried if my boyfriend likes other girls photos on Facebook? Two girls specifically. and messaged the one "hey" should I be worried?

We have had trust issues in the past, we've been together for three years and just wen I think everything is going well it's not. So I snooped and found that he liked a few photos. The one girl who he messaged has a boyfriend and he met her on a cruise because he hungout with her brother. I confronted him about this because I told him that because we're working on trust that this isn't something that helps that... it makes me extremely uncomfortable and flat out insecure. He didn't realize that it would hurt me and told me he wouldn't do it again... But how do I know he means it? Also, his excuse for messenging her was to ask her why she liked his photo (from weeks ago) clearly she was stalking him... That was bullshit because why the fuck should it matter. I swear he doesn't use his brain. I mean obviously I love him, and I believe that we both want this because why is he still here? I gave him ample times to walk away and I gave him what I thought to be was a wake up call... I just don't know if these are patterns of his. Also, his dad cheated on his mother and he's so close with his mom that I would've never thought it would happen to us. I just don't know if I'm being to paranoid because of my past or if it's really sketchy? And yes I know that I can't have a relationship without trust that's why I'm torn. If he wanted out he would just break it off... Why string me along right?


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  • Because he doesn't want to be alone?

  • If the trust you guys have is this minimal then you may need to break it off

    • That's what I've been torn about. I mean it wouldn't bother me too much if he just liked the photos, but the fact that he messaged her kinda made it seem like he was taking it to the next level, right? Even if she does have a boyfriend and lives states away... Am I just overthinking it?

    • You're really overthinking that

  • It depends on the kind of photo. If it's a cool photo, like in a nice place or with a pet or something nbd. However if it's her dressed up for a night out with her t*ts hanging out more of a problem!

    If he says he won't do it again, give him a chance then make your decision based on that - if he carries on doing it once he knows it makes you upset he's not really being sensitive to your needs.

    • I see you're point. But how will I know if he does or not... ? Like I'll have to go snooping on his phone and if I do that then that's not really trusting him.

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    • The message is kind of annoying but it wasn't anything explicit or flirty so that's good too. I'd maybe wait a few weeks, if you're the kind of person who lets stuff like that play on your mind you don't want to drag it out too long because it will start to damage your relationship if you're secretly doubting him and wondering what he's up to. Good luck :)

    • Thank you so much!! I appreciate everyone's advice