Does he now think of me as his gf?

I've been with this guy and things are a little complicated with our pasts but we are always there for each other. He's helped me with my car and has taught me a lot, I'm isually his assistant when fixing his or my car, I make sure he gets up when it's gonna be early and he has a hard time, lately I've been there for him to talk which I've always been there he's just going through a lot now and it seems to really mean a lot to him that I'm there and been there for him through his court/probation stuff.
Any time we are out or he talks about me to people and what not he says I'm a friend even if they say girlfriend hell correct them and say friend. Last night we were at some testing and the lady asked if he brought his girlfriend meaning me and he said yeah. I know it's very little thing but it means a lot to me, we've been together 2 years and I love him but because of my past I'm afraid to say anything so he doesn't know how I feel exactly, I'm sure he knows I have feelings for him and I feel he has feelings for me but love is a big deal for me and for me to tell someone I love them it's me telling them how important they are to me because I don't trust or love just anyone.


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  • Are you sure he thinks of you as more than a friend? If you aren't his girlfriend then how have you been together for 2 years? That is also a long time and he won't call you his girlfriend to his friends? You are way more patient than me!! I think it would be okay to tell him that at this point, but he might not say it back, just be prepared.

  • It seems like he sees you as his girlfriend yes :)