How to confront my girlfriend in a nice way or should I be nice about it at all?

My girlfriend said to me she deleted her EX off Facebook... but turns out she didn't... how do I say to her I know without being a bitch or hurting her feelings - I don't want to hurt her if she didn't delete him by accident if she thought she did but I'd be pissed if she lied to me...


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  • I know social media is a big deal... but WHAT do you mean by "delete"? Did you mean unfriend or block? What do you want her to do? She is probably not talking to him. I'd never be friends with a jerky ex. She might just creep on him and see if he's dating anyone new. Maybe she just makes fun of him? If she is with you and likes you... this is what matters. Just be like..."What are some things about me that you like? I bet your ex doesn't come close, huh?" Or say..."Would you honestly be friends with an ex boyfriend?" :) Luck!!!


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  • its common for girls to delete ex's from social media accounts , trust me I've had this happen more than a few times. its possible she could of deleted him but he re-added her again or was upset she deleted him and she added him back. is there any evidence that they have contact on the site or just one of 100's of friends she had online


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  • Why does she have to delete him?

    • Well apart from him treating her like dog shit for years... mentally abusing her... she doesn't :) just doesn't need to lie to me.

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    • Of course I'll have doubts but I love her... She lied in the past about her ex

    • I don't know what to tell you then. Tell her how much it bothers you, if she still can't find it in her to delete him then it's up to you whether you want to torture yourself by constantly worrying about something out of your control.

  • Just let it go. It's not hurting anyone.

    • Well it's hurting me if she's lying to me when I treat her great and never lied to her.

    • If she doesn't talk to her ex then it shouldn't matter if he's still friends with her on Facebook.

    • I totally agree but she lied to me at the start that she never talked to him and she was so it made me doubt... there's no need to lie and she did so it makes me doubt even tho it could be nothing...

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