Should I text him again?

i met this guy through a dating site, he invited me to a music festival this coming September, he also said he wants to meet me in person before that. he asked for my Instagram and my number last night. we were texting and he told me how he's a supervisor for this really cool company and i responded by saying "that's super cool (why are you talking to me haha) how long have you been working there?" he hasn't responded, but it said that he read the message hours ago. and i meant that as a joke, as in, why would he be talking to someone so lame as me when he is really successful (cause i just work as a sales associate at thid retail store) do you think he took what i said the wrong way? should i text him again and explain what i meant? or is he just not interested in me any more?


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  • I don't think he took what you said in a wrong way. I mean, there is nothing negative about what you said. He will probably message you tomorrow.