He moved away and I'm not sure if we are supposed to stay in touch?

To make it short, I met a guy and we dated for 2 months. He is not from here he comes from another continent and he hasn't visited his family in 2 years. He told me he would really like to visit them and is trying to save up money for it. His friend then offered him a free flat in a near country and he accepted it because he won't have to pay the rent and that way he can save enough money to visit his family in the end of the year. I was sad but I understood. He said he will def. come back, but we "broke up" anyway because I'm not ready for a LDR (got out of one 6 months ago), and he also didn't seem thrilled by it. So we agreed to stay friends. The last time we saw each other he mentioned how he's gonna come visit me every time he can, but I was kinda skeptical about the whole thing and said something like "yeah, right, I'm pretty sure this is the last time I'm gonna see you". He said "naah what are you talking about! I just move for convenience". Then he left the next day and didn't initiate contact with me in 2 weeks (I did once but it was very brief, he mentioned he has little to no wi-fi connection). He doesn't use social media much, but ever since he left he kept liking/commenting on my FB posts. There hasn't been a single thing that he didn't liked or commented (selfies including). And that's practically all his activity. He didn't do this before. He also hasn't added anyone new yet...

I guess I'm just not sure why hasn't he contacted me? We didn't have a talk about staying in touch, but I thought that by agreeing to stay friends it's kinda expected to stay in touch. Maybe he sees it differently?


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  • He is probably expecting you to hook up with him when he will visit you even though you already told him that you see him as a friend.

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