Why does she call me that?

I've been texting this girl and her friends say she likes me. but she told me she wants to take it slow and stay friends for a while. when I text her she always calls me boo. I didn't know if it was just a friendly thing but I've asked her friends and she's never called them boo lol. what do you all think this might mean? :) I know she likes me but why would she call me that if she just wants to take it slow?


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  • from a girls perspective I have called a guy boo and I liked him. I did it to let him know I was interested and to keep him interested. if she switches to like babe or something then she may wanting to take it to another level but for now its just meant to let you know she's still interested.


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  • I think that that's a really cute, funny, endearing nickname. She gave you a nickname; She might want to take it slow, but that doesn't mean nothin's gonna happen.