If a guy you're dating texts and communicates daily does that mean he really likes you?

I've been dating this guy for a couple months and he talks to me all the time. He'll write long, funny messages about an event in his day, ask about mine, etc.

but he's not super romantic and just calls me "sweetie" when I'm around him and makes up pet names for me all the time. We've been intimate, of course but nothing too terribly regular.

Do do you think he likes me because he communicates so much?


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  • Yeah it's pretty obvious
    The guy I like communicates with me a lot but I'm always the one that texts first. Also you two sound more romantic than me and the guy I like... Like all we do is tease and make fun of each other. I call him troll, he fired back with nerd. I call him weed, he thanks me. I ask him to leave his cat in his will to me, he says he's leaving his cat to his cat... And we have nicknames for each other too but def not as romantic as yours


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  • yeah or he bored but than again he could be talking to other girls as well.

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