He wants to talk…?

He's been really distant for a while and has barely talked to me the last few days.

I told him that it hurt me and he said that he has been really busy at uni and in the library 10pm-1am
I said that I did understand that but it still was hurtful. I said things have changed between us recently and i miss how it used to be. I do feel a bit fucked around.

We have been seeing each other for about a year.

After I sent that message he said "ok that's fine, we need to see each other when I am back obviously and discuss what is going on x"

He won't be back until next weekend. I'm nervous. It's probably going to end. I'm scared. How do I navigate this discussion properly?


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  • Its gonna end. He busy and thats that. Sorry ):

  • He probably has too much on his plate right now and might be to busy. I would probably let it go.

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