Can a guy who is bald and shaves his head from it at 22 get attractive looking women the same age, or he is considered lower league now to most?

I've been losing mine for sometime so I just shave it all away, now I'm pale but I think I look okay bald still I've gotten tons of rejection which to be fair guys typically do but still, I know the kind of girls I need, and she needs to be attractive looking not average or under, think of me as bad I don't care I'm honest, I do only pursue something real so don't think I'm a player but I would never give my love to a girl who wasn't physically attractive. So ladies, does a bald guy still stand a good chance with attractive women or is it going to a lot harder from here on out.

  • Bald isn't that bad, you'll be fine there's still plenty of young women even attractive who would date you
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  • Bald is bad enough that a bald guy probably won't be able to get a very attractive looking girl at your age
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  • Being bald is sexy. I always thought that even when I was younger then you esp. if you have gorgeous expressive eyes... very hott. Gain some confidence and rock it sir!

    • This might sound strange but what's your ethnicity haha, I've noticed that people of darker complexions often find it less of an issue, unfortunately me being lily white I'm only ever attracted to white girls, no offense to anyone just what my body tells me.

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    • Why not? Too pale? Lack of facial hair (lost it)

  • My old crush is bald. His head is as bare as a pig's ass but he's one fine ass motherfucker. He's young too. Bald isn't bad at all unless your head looks like someone beat the shit out of it... which I'm pretty sure isn't the case with you :)

    • I did a rate thing on here it once and it was mixed, many said I rocked it others said I looked awful but they seemed to be the overall anti bald group so yeah. Also I have to ask though was that guy black? No offense but it does seem black guys pull it off better as I'm very pasty white and before you tell me to tan know I have that skin tone where I have two settings: red and white.

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    • So could a pale ass guy pull it off?

    • I bet so. I don't see why not

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