Why can't I maintain a relationship, or get one?

I am a guy and I have only ever been rejected, I have heard all the bad ones, I once walked up to a girl and she ran away screaming. The next one I tried to talk to I ask for her number and she said I can't my phone is in my pocket. After that I got led on for a year and a half by a girl who saw I was venerable. Then there was one that I tried to get with she hits on me and we laugh and have fun together... Then when I asked her if she liked me she said I am starting to but I don't want to. For me that has been the last straw. I need to know what I am doing wrong. I can't take feeling alone anymore.


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  • How do you know you cannot maintain a relationship while you were never in one in the first place?
    You're probably coming off too strong.
    Anyway, you're still 19.


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