Girls, Should I forget about her and move on?

Girls, Should I forget about her and move on?
So i've been dating this Thai girl for 2 weeks and she smiles and laughs at my small talk, but never initiates the texts. She used to reply with winks and kissy faces, but she has stopped doing that lately. She has also been answering most of my texts as short as possible. She said i'm nice and fun to be with. I'm very confused if she likes me or not.


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  • it sounds like she's backing away... or maybe something is wrong. why don't you ask her directly if something is up?

    • Thank you for your advice on confronting her. I tried to ask her if something's wrong, then she asked me out to the beach... I think It's me that has the problem of insecurity.

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    • So we went to the beach and chilled then had dinner. I dropped her off and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

      She works with clients as a massage therapist and is constantly on her phone. She is quiet a lot of the time and i'm guessing it is due to language barrier or she is really shy. I feel like i'm doing something wrong, but I do want to believe that she is actually busy and her clients text/call her directly and that she may just be shy.

      What do you think?

    • hmm... i think it's a bit rude for her to be on the phone throughout the date... but i'm really not sure what's going on. it is possible that she is really shy, only time will tell. i don't think it's going to work if she never initiates anything EVER. seems a bit of a shallow relationship.

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