What should I do about this girl and the way she's acting?

It's this girl I talk to and we like each other but she recently started acting weird like when I see her she'll look at me and then look forward like she didn't see me and she stopped sitting with me on the bus which isn't a problem but it's just the looking at me then acting like I'm not there, should I confront her about it? And what should I say?


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  • Of course you Could ask her what is wrong? But with girls, even guys, Mostly... Lies as to what is up.
    Try Ignoring her and see if she Notices. She may have some problems that she doesn't want to talk about and is just moody these days.
    It could be too she is Purposely 'Acting like I'm not there' because she just Doesn't... Care anymore.
    You certainly deserve better and if it should continue, She is what I would refer to Then as A "Fair Weather Friend."
    Good luck and Don't lose any sleep over her. xx


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  • Just walk up to her and say something like, "Hey stranger." Get her to laugh. Then, mention that you guys haven't spoken in awhile so you want to catch up. Maybe she has been waiting on you to make a move, but thinks you're not interested.


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  • Don't you think that you are focusing too much on the physical appearance. :) Why don't you ask why she is acting like that?


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