Had the talk with my girlfriends father?

My girlfriends dad asked me to come over to talk last night so I did. He asked me about my plans for the future, my job but he also asked me if I've had sex with his daughter. I didn't know how to respond to that so I tried not to but he was insisting I do. Why would he care, his daughter is 25 years old.


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  • You are fucking his innocent little baby girl and spoiling her and you are lucky he doesn't pull out a gun and shoot you. That is how fathers are.

    The correct response to that question is: "Sir, your daughter and I are partners in all that we do and I respect her too much to have this discussion behind her back. If you want to continue this talk, we need to pause until she can join us."


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  • So did you say yes? Lol

    • I didn't say yes blatantly

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