Girls, Women is confusing me?

Seen this girl on the train everyday after work and was just staring at each other. i swear she was staring at my package as I kept noticing her just looking at my thigh area as I was standing up and she was sat down. So every time I see her she was staring as I walk to the train stop. And she would just do random things like her friend would be talking to her and she would look at me whilst her friend is talking. And if I didn't see her for 2 week she would seem shocked when I walk on the train. So isn't see her for a while and sat opposite her just looks no talking went on for 4 months or so. I avoided it at that point and she was staring at the ground an then I avoided her eye contact as she was day dreaming at the ground? So didn't see her for another 3 months as I stopped catching the train but now I have new job so only catch it every 3 weeks and now every time she sees me she always walks past to get to the other side of the train and looks and smiles and says hi or hello. Like every time. Before when she seemed quiet She stared from a distance never said a word and avoided eye contact up close when I'd sit in front of her in the seating cubicles if you understand at they are great ! So for added info she used to always sigh when she's standing near me waiting at the train stop. Well anyway just weird how when she used to see me everyday on train she would not say hello and now after not seeing me everyday she ALWAYS saying hi. Like the last time she walked passed before the train come to a stop and as I looked her in the eye she smiled with a closed mouth and said hi with a reddish face. I have to admit I was totally shocked by her good looks when I saw her everyday but never made a move. And I feel like she kind of knew that before I was thinking of asking her out


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  • Um, you way overthought this. Firstly, on the train, she would have just been gazing around and happened to see you looking at her, so she looked at you. Where her eye-line appeared to be looking is irrelevant because she didn't get up and to talk to you. You say you've seen each other on the same train for months and months but neither of you started a conversation? Well that's simply because neither of you particularly wanted to, or you would have. As far as her saying hi when she sees you now, she's being friendly, probably because she's noticed you looking at her and she has seen you numerous times at the same platform. That's all it is and that's all it will remain unless either of you actually walk over and start a conversation. There is no hidden meaning or intent.

    • That's what I was thinking but I don't look at her anymore and I also didn't REALLY look at her that much whilst on the train. But Yh I suppose if she's started randomly saying hi when I don't exactly look the most approachable at that time of day due to tiredness and a highly stressful job may be worth me looking further into this girl as it's just very strange as she never says hi to any other guys. But I never really stared i normally just listen to music and stare at my phone haha

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    • Ino your spot on lol so should I just get my suit on and walk upto her and compliment her and ask her out with some flowers? Joking lol I think if I see her again I should start by saying hi first this time lol

    • I like the first idea man.