I'm I wasting my time or does she like me?

Ok my best female friend introduced me to her friend that she knew since child hood. Well we were being flirty etc and I asked my best friend out of respect and so it won't be awkward hey is it ok if I take your friend out and I got my friends blessing and I trust my friend she wouldn't set me up with a women if she knew it was bad news. We went out to eat went to a bar had some drinks we flirted took selfies she ask about my relationship history. Talked about coming over so she can help me cook and talked about going on a road trip etc. She clued me in she was cold and when I offered my jacket she took it quick and wore it. We exchanged numbers and snap chat she told me she was single and wasn't seeing anyone... She has a 4 year old she goes to college and works.

After that day she was hot and cold. She would text or snap chat me we will make plans and then she will ignore me leave me hanging no communication to cancel plans. Then repeat... This has been going on for a month. I have been playing it cool like it doesn't bother me since I just met her we only hung out once and we didn't have sex or kiss its new... I did not blow up her phone we would go 3 to 4 days sometimes without speaking. I don't want to look needy and I'm being patient. Then last week snapchat w photos smiling etc and I said lets go get some food and she said she needed to see if she can go and she will text me in a bit. Then nothing 3 hours later I ask was everything ok she ignored. Next morning I text said "Morning sunshine I figured you fainted from being so excited to hang out." Still no reply... Then Sunday morning I text her happy Mother's Day and she replied right away saying thanks etc your adorable how was your night? Told her I hung out w friends etc. after that nothing and till this day nothing I'm waiting to see if she makes first contact now... Is she flaky or asshole or testing me or hesitant? The advise my friend gave me is I have to be chill with her...

What im I dealing with?


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  • I don't think she is that interested in you. Also, stop calling her sunshine, you're not even in a relationship with her and that's just weird.

    • How is that weird and it was a one time text. Nothing wrong with calling someone your interested in something simple like that. If she wasn't interested she shouldn't have made all these plans with me then go ghost were in our 30s age bracket

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  • Hard to say. She is definitely not worth my time. I would not be putting with that. I would not be rude to her, but I would be quietly moving on. I think a big part of the hot/cold is because she has a kid. They take up a lot time and dating a single mom is not the same as a dating someone without kids. Not only that but she is also looking for someone who might be good for her and her kid so she will be extra picky. I think you might be dodging a bullet here. I would let this one go!

    • I'm with you but the only reason I was being patient is bc of my best friend introducing us. I knew her 8 years and she always told me if some girl was bad news I was dating they did end up being bad news and she has never set me up with anyone before. But my patients ran kinda dry. Saturday I went to a pool party met 3 chicks had a video of us at the party having a good time in the pool and I put it on snapchat... Lol and she was the first to view it that's why she ask me how was my night. At the same time we're adults i have dated women that if plans can't happen they will tell me cool. Not just ignore me and them when we talk again a week later act as if nothing happened lol wtf

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    • Well, this is the other problem... You wait for her and she doesn't reply, so you get upset, then she does reply and now you make her wait on purpose just to even the score but ultimately you both are just butting heads and getting nowhere!

    • Well it's rally like she message me in at work so I wait until my break to reply but I think it gives that gap so I don't look needy. But I never go ghost on her like she did me I'm just mirroring her. I'm thinking about taking your advise and just forget about it. See everytime I moved on from a girl they will contact me and I hate that game. They miss my attention so they seek it. Oh well it sucks

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