Should his past concern me if I'm looking for a long time relationship?

There's this guy that I recently started seeing. He approached me because I stood out to him and asked me on a date. We started talking over the phone getting to know eachother, and we've been on one date now, as we only started talking a couple of days ago. He's a really sweet guy and he is so in to me, and I feel like I should be in to him because he treats me so well, but his past bothers me. He was really open and honest about his past, he used to be addicted to drugs like ecstasy and cocaine. He has now gotten help and smokes weed only now. Although he was open about his past, I don't like it. I feel like I would be in to this guy if he wasn't into drugs. Although he stopped doing the hardcore drugs, the weed still bothers me. I told him that I want nothing to do with any drugs, and he promised he would not get me involved. Should I be concerned about his past? Or should I get over it because he is such a sweet guy?


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  • Yes, stay away from him.


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  • I feel that you shouldn't let someone's past dictate the future, if he says he's done with the hardcore stuff, then believe him and help him if he has any urges. Weed isn't all that bad, although I do understand why you don't want any part of it. Stay with him unless he tries to force you into that stuff. If he's a good guy, treats you well, and the only fault he has is smoking weed, just stay with him. See where it goes, it's hard to find good guys nowadays hun. Go for it ^_^

    I will say, however, if it bothers you enough to where you don't feel attracted to him anymore, and you don't want to invest in him anymore, save him and yourself time by not dating any further, if it wasn't meant to be, it wasn't meant to be cx Hope this helped, good luck hun.


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  • Move on. Don't ever compromise on someone's drug-use. Steer clear of thinking "gosh darn, if he just wasn't into drugs, he'd be Mr. perfect!" he is into drugs, hard.
    "Just doing weed now" is not okay, if you have a problem with his past drug-use that is. Don't waste your time ultimately trying to keep him off drugs. He has poor coping-skills and a history of bad choices, so as a friend consider it, but not as a boyfriend who you can't expect to be something he just isn't - aka a drug addict.

    • He is choosing himself to stay off drugs except for weed. He will not involve me in his drug use. I don't know. Thank you for your opinion

    • You're trying to rationalize here but he is still using drugs. Weed is a drug and therefore he is not "keeping off drugs". Come on, be smarter than this, look out for yourself.

  • If someone is a recovering drug addict they probably shouldn't be smoking weed. Don't compromise your morals and values over one guy that you barely know.