He Still Miss His Ex?

He said he still miss his ex and I reminded him of her :(
What do I do? :(


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  • How long have the been broken up?
    Just be there for him. Assure him your better than her.

    • A few months :(

    • Its still fresh in his mind. Encourage him to go out more and try to forget. Keep him busy. I take it you two are dating?

    • Yes :(

Most Helpful Girl

  • Walk away with your dignity while it's still in one piece.

    You, my dear, are a rebound. This means that no matter how outstanding, lovely, and wonderful you are as a human being and someone to date; you will ALWAYS be compared to his ex. ALWAYS. No matter what you do. No matter what awesome experience you bring him. No matter what romantic memory you give him. When you two are passionately making love, he'll be imagining her face on your body. He'll be wishing it was her mouth that those noises were coming out of. Even when you do show strengths of your own, he'll compare them to her. His heart is with another woman.

    So knowing this, walk away from him. He is emotionally unavailable until he truly, fully gets over her and it's not fair for your time, heart, and energy to be used as his ex's substitute.


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  • You are just setting yourself up for a heartbreak.

    I could never be in a relationship with a guy who was still hung up on an ex, and still pining after her

    I'd never give my heart to a guy when his heart belonged to someone else. People can't love with a broken heart , they need to heal before they are able to love again. So the best thing to do would be to walk away, and be patient and wait for a guy who'll view you as special. A guy who looks on you as priority , not just a second choice

  • dump him, he's still in love with her and to him, you're just second after her. Don't waste your time.