I was kissing this guy, & he told me to hold on & he carried me somewhere else. I was wondering if he planned-

that I mean do guys PLAN those things... See one of my hands was caressing his neck or face & I wondered I he thought it was too intimate got uncomfortable & wanted to change the scenery so we did not get too intimate?

I ask because I was almost feeling emotionally close, but not quite, & I am not usually emotionally intimate with anyone & maybe he picked up on the intimacy vibe & got uncomfortable.

He told me to hold on when my hand was touching his face.

So maybe that DISTURBED hi.. Otherwise we were in a double curved chair just kissing...

But he maybe he planned that too, lol I don't know , maybe guys do that.. Anyone thoughts please?


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  • Maybe he wanted to sit down and kiss you instead of standing up or whatever.

    Yes, guys to plan things out like that to win women's affection.

    Just make sure it's genuine. Not fake.

    Goodluck! - Sero.


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