Is being awkward around a guy a sign that I like him?

I'm shy, I admit but I don't have problems keeping a conversation going under normal circumstances. With him it's different though. When we hang out, it seems like I have nothing to say. No matter how hard I try I just can't come up with anything. Even if we're hanging out in a group of friends, I keep silent while everyone else is talking. Do you think it's nervousness? I know he's attracted to me so maybe that's what makes me nervous, I don't know. I'm usually rather quite compared to others but definitely not to this extent... Could it be that I like this guy or do we simply lack chemistry/compatibility? He's really making an effort to talk to me but he's not very talkative himself so we we often have awkward silence...


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  • This question you should ask yourself. Do you feel you like him? Are you not sure yet? Pay attention to yourself, try to figure out your feelings.

    • I don't know, that's the problem. Knowing that he likes me doesn't make it any easier...

    • So you should wait until you're sure. Just try it, you have nothing to lose.

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  • Yep. I am shy too and I hate that part of it!! I could be friends and talk with someone no problem until I realize I like them and then all of sudden, silence! It is not a lack of chemistry but it is easier if someone is a little more talkative. You could both pursue it and both have to gradually become more comfortable around each other to talk more. Just try to think of things to ask him before you hang out. You do like him but two shy people is a little tricky. One time me and this guy were very attracted to each other but he was pretty quiet and like you, I am not usually that quiet but I fed off his awkwardness and I got awkward and in the end that didn't work. Not saying it won't for you, just depends on how long you two are worth being patient at becoming more comfortable.

    • Yes!! That's exactly how I feel... Frustrating, isn't it? I think this guy and I are pretty similar in terms of character. Maybe we're just too similar and don't balance each other out enough? I don't know but my situation sounds a lot like yours. What makes it even more awkward is that we have common friends. I've only met him twice but my friend told me so much about him that it made the whole getting to know each other phase kinda weird to me. It just didn't come naturally to me like with some people. Could that possibly be the reason?

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    • Oh yeah, gotcha. It also makes it so much awkward when other people are trying to hook you up or if your friends know you like someone, because when you hang out it seems like everyone is watching you two and how you interact which makes it even more awkward. Maybe try to think about how you aren't even sure about him anyways and don't know if you like him and that might help you relax too. I always feel like the less I care what they think the more I can talk.

    • Yeah, that makes sense! Haha I always feel like my friend and her boyfriend are watching us so that just adds to the nervousness... But I'll just try to relax, take things slow and see if things get any better :D

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  • Well it is evident that you like him... Now you must just be yourself as much as possible to keep from being awkward... just talk about small things at first until you both get comfortable with each other... it is always hardest at first...

    • Yeah, maybe you're right. It just doesn't come naturally to me like with other guys. That's why I'm wondering...

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