Guys I need your help, why did he react like this I need some advice please?

So me and this guy we're getting close, we are long distance, we first met back in 2014, and it developed from their, a couple of months back, he said he wanted a serious relationship with me, and I said I did with him too, he replied good, I never heard anything after that, the weeks went by I didn't message him, cause was angry he disappeared, the other day I had had enough, and message him saying how are you? You say your serious then disappear? He replied I am ok thanks u, I sent a further message too him, do you want me or not, he replied saying, not really...

Does he really not want me or was he lashing out
what would you do, would you reply back, I need some advice please

I didn't respond and got a further 2 messages from 1 saying, I just don't think it would work you so far away, and then another one later saying what do you think? If he didn't care would he have sent the further 2 messages?
I later responded with- you hurt me saying not really
if your feelings are real for me
it doesn't matter how far I am, people make it work
if you want something you fight for it
but if you can't do that and you don't want me
i am walking away
i can't be your friend
and I won't message you again
then messaged him this


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  • He didn't contact you either and now he is angry? This guy is playing immature games and I would not want him anymore. The whole situation is really strange. I guess maybe since he asked you to be serious, he put himself out there and maybe wanted you to initiate contact after that and maybe he wasn't sure if you really did? So he didn't contact you to make sure? And then you didn't he thought you really didn't want anything serious. I have to question how the relationship was going before this, because if there was a good momentum and a good connection the transition should have been very easy into exclusivity. Most people just kind of fall into that because you are hanging out all the time and getting along, it just kind of naturally goes that way. So why was there this rift? Maybe it wasn't meant to be. I would personally not want a long distance relationship especially for this long. Yeah, after all this time I would delve deeper into what is going on with him though. And if he wants to break up, you can find someone closer to home you can actually see and spend time with.

    • He sent me another message, I just think it won't work you are far, what would you reply

    • Well, I don't know what happened with him but like I said, it IS long distance, he is right too. You could just play it off like, fine, no big deal and just respond, "You are right, take care." Or, you also have a right to confront him about not just telling you this two weeks ago and ask if he was playing games with you because HE mentioned being more serious. Either way, move on, because it is long distance and most likely not going to work any ways and it seems like he wants to.

    • I don't know about that as he kept coming back

  • When a man tells you what he wants and doesn't want, listen to him. I've learned my lesson too many times with something similar to this. Also, you shouldn't even want to deal with him anymore. He is obviously very rude and careless. He vanishes and he lied to you. He's a coward and a liar. You don't need a man like that in your life. xoxoxoxoxoxo

    • He sent me another message, as I didn't reply to that, He said I just think you are far and it won't work, what would you reply?

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    • think very clearly about this, do you want to lose me, can you live without me, because i will walk away and then there will be no more chances, are you always going to give up on things
      I've tried my hardest , you ask for another chance, i gave it you, why do you talk about marriage then say your not wanting me, you play silly games, im too good for excuses or lies, i want you, but if you give up this chance, im out if your life, i said it too you last year and i mean it
      you will never ever be able to contact me so give me a mature reply, and dont leave me thinking your not caring or i will be forced to move on

    • Both messages are great, straight to the point and very thorough. If he cares he would reconsider and work things out with you. If he doesn't, then remember it is his loss and you will find someone much better than him!!!

  • Well when he said good you should have replied he's probably thinking that you don't like him. Talk to him about it. You can't just ignore him.