Is it only me or does musical taste, and similarity or difference in the same, have a huge effect on attraction one experiences towards someone?

I mean I'm into rock n roll and metal, and a girl I had this huge crush on has pretty shitty taste in music tbh. Now I don't know I used to see musical taste as a barometer for emotional and intellectual depth of a person but its not the case here. She's intelligent and interesting and i get a mind-boner when I'm with her. That is what troubles me; i don't have an excuse to dislike a person solely on the basis of musical tastes and its kinda crippling for me tbh.

So is it normal and/or common? I think I'll ask her out anyway, but its just too nagging a feeling.


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  • It really depends on the person and what they value. I'm not huge into music. I have my own likes and dislikes of course, and it would be nice if we shared the same taste, but it doesn't matter to me whatsoever or have any affect on my attraction towards them if they didn't. If that's that important to you, I wouldn't say that it's weird or uncommon or bad or good, it's just a difference in what we value and consider match points.


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  • it potentially can. depends on the people involved.

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