Is he in love with his best friend? (Female)?

They've been friends for 8 years now and he says nothing has ever happened. I believe at one point I asked him if you ever had a crush on her and he said no. She was in a 4 year relationship and that just ended.

He says they're like brother and sister. And they say I love you to each other. They're looking into getting an apartment together (2 bedroom). Because he lives at home and she was living with her boyfriend. Financially for both of them it's easier to share an apartment.

It didn't bother me as much when she had a boyfriend, and they could have even lived together while she had a boyfriend and it wouldn't bother me.

But like yesterday she posted an old photo of them and captioned it, "I just saw you yesterday and I miss you. Love you!"

I don't know if he confides in her about our relationship, I know she did about hers. Help us to her sometimes but it's mostly about inside jokes then about missing her (unless he's been away).

Do they like each other? How can I bring it up Bentley l gently?

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What Guys Said 2

  • yeah he said no. And you believed him?

    • I did, because it didn't seem like it, but since she's been dumped she's been a lot more clingy

  • A male does not have a female best friend. That has never happened. He is desperately waiting until she wants him. And then he will 'have' her.

    • Most of my best friends are guys

What Girls Said 1

  • Is he not at all concerned about what it means for your relationship if he moves in with another girl?

    • He asked me. I said I wasn't thrilled. They're currently only looking. He wanted to move in with me but I'm not ready yet.

    • I guess it means something that moving in with you was his first choice.

      Ultimately I think your concerns will only be resolved by communicating with him.