Have you dated someone who is on parole? just looking for some advice on what it's like. or have you been on parole and had a gf/bf?

my boyfriend is in jail (stupid mistake on his part, but nothing that hurt anyone) he is going to be home soon, but he was given a list of terms and conditions and he pretty much won't be able to talk to any of his friends and has to start over. he will be going through a lot of changes and I don't know if I will be a burden or a good thing. He gave me the option to leave if I want to move on, or stay and stick it out. I'm not a drinker, i don't do drugs, I do arts and crafts and have a really good job, his conditions don't bug me a bit, but is it going to be a hard thing to do? cause fights? just looking for input on people who have gone through it.


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