Whats up with East Coast Ladies?

I'm from the Midwest and now in the East Coast. I've met some very beautiful women here but as soon as I get their number and text them it's like a constant battle for then to open up. I know they like me one girl told me she wants to dk some nasty things with me when we hang out. But she won't like I don't know open up. Like if I ask her how her day is going. She'll say Good. But nothing else. Not asking how my day is going. Or if I ask her if she likes movies and what's her favorite. She'll be Yeah my favorite movie is Iron Man or something. Is this normal? I'm used to girls who as things about me. I kinda feel like I have to carry the convo on my own. she's not the first girl either out her whose done this. Am I just use to the way girls text to me back home? Any guys deal with this before? Girls if this describes you, why do you do it? Is this "normal" for you?


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  • I simply don't care for conversing/connecting over text. It took me a while to realize this but I'd much rather get to know someone in person than through text. I suppose I don't like how you lack tone while texting so you can't always convey yourself the way you want.

    • I mean we do. We don't talk on the phone. This is kinda during the day while we both are at work kinda deal. Sometimes we just can't see each other some days. So I'll text her when she gets home from whatever. How was your thing you went to. I'll askshe'll say Good. But its like back home a girl would be. It was good, what have you been up to? Initiate the convo a little bit.

    • I mean it may just be these girls that you are texting. I know not everyone is like me and would respond in the way that you are used to. I just happened to be bad at/not care for that kind of small talk over texting. I'm also not great at sharing info like that in general. My boyfriend comes home and talks about his day and everything he did. I tend to not do that and am currently working on sharing more because he wants to hear about my day. I'm just not used to doing it.

    • I wonder is she's like that too. I try and get he encourage to tell me more about her. But I don't know much of her past either. So maybe she just doesn't want to open up I guess and feel vulnerable. Thanks for your opinion 😊

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  • This isn't the Midwest anymore, over here on the east coast, just the fact that they gave you their numbers makes you lucky, actually to them, the fact that you text them isn't enough and you have to be their entertainer you should be grateful to even have the ability to text them in their minds on the east coast.

    • I try to entertain them. How? I mean we go out and stuff but I'm like talking at work or if I go back home on a flight I'll be texting her.

    • It's complicated man, girls are complicated here on the east coast.

    • You speaking the truth man. I've always been a guy where I don't play games and shit. I like a girl I'm gonna tell her and talk to her everyday. Totally different game

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  • I grew up in the Midwest. Trust me, so many better cities for women and dating

    • I'm starting to notice that now. But I'm here. Midwest ladies have my heart tho 😉

    • Chicago is the only legitimate city in Midwest lol

    • Have you been to the Twin Cities? a lot of beauty's there.

  • It gets brutal out here. Girls out here on the east coast sent programmed to be nice. They think being a bitch shows strength. They're entitled, arrogant, and expect you to be their entertainment. They'll treat you like shit then say you're a rude dick if you call them on it. East Coast girls are shit.