Relations ship? Kinda miss you?

What do girl mean when they say they "kinda" miss you? Does it mean they miss you or they don't miss you?

I asked her if she is sad? She told me, "kinda". I asked her if it because she missed me? "she was like "kinda". So it could mean she is sad because she misses me but she's sad because of something else. I'm I right?


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  • It depends on the girl and the situation, "Kinda" can refer to something they don't mean, and it can also be sometimes. I would say that in this instance, it's sometimes. Let's say you guys would always go to the movies together on a Saturday, well.. if she still wanted to go to the movies, and she went alone, she'd kind of miss you. It also might be her actually missing you vs. the idea of you.

    It can vary though, like I said. Why don't you just ask her?

    • I asked her if she was sad? She said, "kinda". So I asked if it was because she missed me or sum? She was like, "kinda".

    • Then maybe she was missing you in that moment. If you're missing her, tell her and then go from how she responds.

  • They don't actually mean it they just don't want to be rude :/


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